Extremely helpful

Mr. Clark was extremely helpful during the inspection. He was very thorough and explained all the issues that he report on. It will be my pleasure to recommend Clark & Associates to my family and friends.

Joe Hobaugh

Well informed

Clark & Associates Home Inspections really helped me make a well informed decision about the home I was buying. I learned so much about the different systems of my house because Ken took the time to explain everything that needed to be done to make my house ready to move in.

Robbie White

Was a pleasure

was a pleasure working with Mr. Clark and Clark & Associates. He pointed out somethings that I would never noticed until the came forward to bite me. I believe he saved me hundreds of dollars in repairs down the road.

Avery Smith

Big move

I was nervous about making such a big move, but Clark & Associates Home Inspections really helped me find my place here. I learned so much about the different neighborhoods and social opportunities and found the home that’s right for me.

Reese Mathers


Mr. Clark was prompt and courteous.  He was very thorough in his inspection and in his reports.  He went over every item he found with us and made sure we were fully informed in our home purchase.  I would recommend him to anyone needing an inspection in this area.  UPDATE:  The items Mr. Clark found in his first inspection for us saved us from buying a home with major electrical repairs needed.  We used him again two years later and he was every bit as through and helpful as before.  We had the sellers make a few small repairs per his suggestions, and are now in our perfect home!

Heather S